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phase. Planning
slogan. "It is a scientific fact that Haruka is a pimp."
low-down. Because Uranus will rock you like a hurricane
recommend. serapii-kisu.net by Danielle

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon was actually my first animanga series. I can successfully cite it as the reason I am where I am today and I never forget my roots. Haruka was my first love and to this day, still holds that title. And by love, I mean that in every way possible, even in the ghey way. She is my guiding light in BSSM and for as much as I adore the other characters, it is her that captures my attention with every wink, smirk, scoff, and wave.

You'll notice my list of favorite characters, and just projects in general, are very...masculine. I'll be blunt when I say I rarely enjoy the heroine more than is expected of me. Haruka is not only one of my favorite characters, she's my favorite female lead. This dedication for her has come and gone in many different forms, none of which I've been satisfied with. After nearly seven years of planning, I felt it was finally time to give her the kind of shrine she deserves.

Planning is Phase 02, of Marie's many phases of building. If I had to give it a percentage, it'd be about 45%; general concept is done and structure is nearly complete. It won't be long before it progresses to Phase 03.



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