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phase. Construction
slogan. "I'm in ur sand castle, kicking ur arse!"
low-down. Because Ichigo is the only reason I read bleach
recommend. captain of division awesome by Emma

I remember back in the ye olde days of Bleach fandom, when the story was just getting started and everyone worshipped Ichigo for the awesomeness that he is - people were clammering over him, he was getting the respect and attention he deserved. Even Kubo was actually treating him like the main character. Those days seem far away now - people are hounding him as an all-powerful "super hero" and have turned their attention to other characters, like Renji or Ishida. Even Kubo has abandoned Ichigo! I can't help but wonder why that is, because he's still the amazing character he was at the beginning of the series. Still pushed to his limits and still my sole reason for keeping up with Bleach.

Ichigo is something I've been planning for qutie a bit now, but only with the recent chapters did I really buckle down and commit myself to this idea. I'm saddened by the Ichigo!hate that runs rampant in fandom - and I want to express my feelings on this issue as accurately (and loudly) as I can. I want to bring something new to the table - both for Ichigo fans and Bleach fans in general.

Constuction is Phase 03, of Marie's many phases of building. If I had to give it a percentage, it'd be about 65%; general concept is done, and the layout is sketched out. I just need to actually build it now and put the content up. After the network priority, Ichigo is most important.


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