the nine-tailed tribute




name. resonance+TOMORROW
phase. Construction
slogan. "Does Naruto have to choke a bitch?"
low-down. Because only a real ninja wears bright orange
recommend. unbreakable by Sarah

So, I have a thing for loudmouths. I also especially love them when they have an unwavering sense of justice and a strong determination to reach their goals. Angsty backgrounds are a plus. It seems only natural, then, that Naruto would be among my favorite characers. I count him in my top ring, becuase he has made that strong of an impact on me. Far and away, my favorite character in the entire Naruto series, the future Hokage makes me squee on so many different levels.

Naruto is overshadowed a lot - for other characters and for dead ones too. For a series that is supposed to revolve around him, not many people seem to truly appreciate who he is, or what kind of hero he represents. Naruto is one of the strongest characters I've ever come across and one of the most special to me. In the complex world of ninjas and hidden beasts, he stands out above all others and drives the story to a point that makes it impossible to turn away. No matter what I do, I just keep coming back to Naruto.

Also in Phase 03 - though slightly behind Ichigo. Naruto will be very content heavy, focused more on written word that actual media, but I promise to bring the goods too. I know that's what everyone really wants - snazzy, ninja shaped icons.



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