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name. Acoustic DECAY
phase. Construction
slogan. "Ren makes being an obsessive, druggie rock-star look cool."
low-down. Because tortured guitarists need their following
recommend. this is my song by Janice

I'm like, the only person on the internet who openly refers to Ren as her favorite character from the Nana series. And while I would normally be completely fine with that, I'm a little perturbed that he lacks a "following", so to speak, because he is such an amazing and complex character. Sure, he's probably not the greatest role model ever, but then again, who in Nana really is? Exactly my point. Ren deserves just as much love as any other character, and yet, he is the one to receive the least amount.

Let's face it. If it weren't for him, Nana would be a very boring story indeed. Or at least a little less angsty. Ren brings scandal and passion and dedication to the series in ways the others can't. Behind the emotions he locks away and the blinding smile he hides behind, ren is a very troubled individual that wants for one thing and one thing only: love. It's refreshing to see a male lead so open and honest about this aspect of his personality, and Ren is one-in-a-million. Literally, the coolest guitarist to ever grace the pages of any manga.

Acoustic Decay is also the TFL approved fanlisting for the movie version of Ren, listed in the Characters: Book/Movie section of the network. The basic structure of his shrine is up - I just need to add content. *is lazy*


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