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this is fate be burdened, the approved fanlisting for Shirou Kamui from the genius series that is X (X/1999), and, more recently, the crossover that is Tsubasa (Reservoir) Chronicles - both by CLAMP. Most known for his central role in X, Kamui is a desperate young man with the world on his shoulders; by far, he is one of the most complex and richly developed characters to ever be created.

Finally, a huge amount of thanks and gratitude go to Pam, for allowing me the oppurtunity to run this fanlisting. Kamui is the center of my little CLAMP!world and I am absolutely honored to have this chance. It is my goal to do her proud, so please check back frequently for more updates and tell me if there's something specific you'd like to see!

ATTENTION; unmarked spoilers ahead

he thinks about the days of old - the smiles, the laughter, the dawn; he thinks about a time before this crushing day and falls into an unyielding night.

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Kamui is approved in the X (X/1999) & Tsubasa subsections of Characters N-Z at The Anime Fanlistings Network and he recently drew support from Lene - thanks & welcome! We are powered by Enthusiast


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