from autumn to ashes

Bienvenue - this is eulogy for an angel, the approved fanlisting for the relationship between Aerith Gainsborough and Cloud Strife from the acclaimed seventh installment of Square Enix's Final Fantasy series.

You're viewing version one of eulogy for an angel, titled from autumn to ashes, and inspired by the group of the same name who wrote and preformed the song. Many, many thanks go to Saya and Sarah; without their help, this version would've been a lot more unattractive.

Please note that this fanlisting DOES contain spoilers throughout each section. If you're unfamiliar with events in Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, Crisis Core, or even Kingdom Hearts, please preceed at your own risk.

ATTENTION; unmarked spoilers ahead

I will defy you, the evil from above; open my mind, let you in; I will not forgive the sins you made; you took her life from me.

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