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Name Email URL Country Adoraton
Pilikita www Mexico Fujisaki Suguru
Poefish email www Iceland Shindo Shuichi
Princess21ssj www Italy Seguchi Tohma
ProfessorV www United States Winchester, Claude (Mr. K)
Rachael www England Uesegi Yuki Eiri
Relmy email www England Seguchi Tohma
Risa www Bulgaria Sakuma Ryuuichi
Rizu www Argentina Shindo Shuichi
Rosemary email www United States Nakano Hiroshi
Ruutumummo www Finland Uesegi Yuki Eiri
Sakura www Portugal Uesegi Yuki Eiri
Sali www Spain Sakuma Ryuuichi
San-san www Finland Kitazawa Yuki
Sara www United States Uesegi Yuki Eiri
Sasami www Chile Uesugi Tatsuha
Saura www Denmark Shindo Shuichi
Saya email www Slovenia Uesegi Yuki Eiri
Scorp email www United States Sakuma Ryuuichi
Setsuna www Germany Uesegi Yuki Eiri
Sherry www Germany Uesegi Yuki Eiri
Shirubia email www Italy Uesegi Yuki Eiri
Shuuichi www United States Shindo Shuichi
Sierra www United States All
Sky www Spain Bad Luck
Snow email www Chile Shindo Shuichi

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