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the king and his horse ~

Welcome to become a king [220], a growing tribute to ideal hero, kurosaki ichigo of the hit shounen series Bleach by Kubo Tite. Strong, supportive and emphatically determined to get things done, Ichigo is my sole reason for continuing this series and I think that says a lot for him, Kubo be darned. If you're like me, and you only read Bleach for the sake of awesome strawberry!action, then become a king [220] is the place for you. Our goal is to bring you the most up-to-date information on Ichigo, one page at a time. Why, yes - I will suffer each week, just for you and Ichigo.

UNMARKED SPOILERS AHEAD become a king [220] is full of unmarked spoilers, typically on every page. Be aware of this as you browse and don't blame me if you accidentally spoil yourself, because I won't care. Ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?

We are currently very content focused - that being, we are heavy on the textual representation of surprisingly factual opinions and etc. Visual Media is currently not a high-priority, because let's face it: any Ichigo goodie you could possibly want is one Google search away and I have nothing of worth to add to that. To pacify your need for extraness, however, we do house the TAFL approved fanlisting for said hero and some Written Media to tickle your fancy. Do you need to familiarize yourself with fanlistings? Relatedly, I must give a HUGE amount of gratitude to Nissie for allowing me the opportunity to adopt Ichigo's fanlisting; it is an honor that I will never fully be able to express and I only hope to live up to the standart she has set.


Whether you're new to Bleach and Ichigo or you're just looking for a random piece of information about our strawberry-flavored hero: please enjoy your stay! The ultimate goal of become a king [220] is to shed a little more light on him, while uniting all of his fans too. Thank you for being a part of that experience!


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