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If you're here, you're probably a fan of this amazing couple, and really, who could blame you? They are, indeed, fantastic. This is the section of the site where you declare that love, loudly and proudly, by joining the TAFL approved fanlisting for their wonderful relationship. Whether you love the way Nodame annoys Chiaki, enjoy Chiaki's micromanaging piano lessons, or simple get a goofy grin on your face whenever they're together - all our welcome. You're among friends here.

In addition to gushing over these two, for they are one of my most loved pairings, I'd like to thank Kylara, again, for the approval and Laura for her patience. The chance to run this fanlisting is beyond a dream and after several bumps in the road, I'm happy to finally accept fellow fans!

ATTENTION; unmarked spoilers ahead

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Nodame & Chiaki are approved in the Relationship section of The Anime Fanlisting Network and our latest members are Robin - welcome! We are powered by Enthusiast


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