oh, the domains

These are the ones who bleed me dry on a consistent basis. They don't seem to care though, and I don't really mind scrounging around in my furniture for gas and food money. It's like a hunt for buried treasure and, as we all know, I have a thing for pirates. They're really in the works still - but most of them have several projects attached to them. You can learn all about that by clicking on each individual domain. Lined up by age: oldest to youngest - because damnit, seniority deserves some kind of respect.

If you're wondering, get-fighted.net is technically the second child (i.e. the days of adelleda.net); I give proof to the claim that the youngest kids are always the most spoiled.

STRAW-HAT.ORG; the mugiwara organization   ZERO-KIRIYUU.NET; the bloody rose network   LUFFY.NU; home of the pirate king


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