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name. the orange sky network
parent. Sarah of Glamdreamer Productions
purpose. general Sasunaru squeeage to the extreme degree
checkout. Unbreakable

It's always interesting to see how others interpret something you're incredibly fond of - a tv series, a book, or in this case, a relationship. You often wonder if you're the only one thinking a certain way, if you're a little too obsessed by reading between the lines, or if sitting on pins-and-needles every week just to find out what happens to this pair is really such a healthy activity. Or at least, that's how I feel when it comes to Uzumaki Naruto & Uchiha Sasuke of the Naruto series. My personal OTP is extremely important to me, and luckily the interweb gods graced us all with Sarah.

Sasunaru.org is proof that other people take relationships as a whole just as seriously as anyone else. It's also proof that amazing couple shrines are indeed possible. Packed full of information, beatifully designed, and presented in a fully fuctioning manner, this piece of hot domain ass leaves me breathless, satisfied, and craving more. Sarah weaves a tale that answers questions, highlights overlooked instances, and explains just why this OTP is the ultimate OTP to begin with. She readies herself for battle and goes at it full force; the result of which is an extremely well developed and indepth look at just how much someone can truly adore a subject and what results when they put their mind to expressing that.

I'm still a little sppechless about how amazing the site really is - and how complete as well. Sarah has pulled out all the stops to really make this a Sasunaru fan's ultimate place of refuge. If the quality of the shrine shows anything, it's that there is much more to be expected from this domain; it is a flirt and well, I love it for that. Even if you aren't a fan of these two characters romantically, it's still worth the visit. Believe me, there's no possible way you could regret it.

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