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name. The Pirate King Dedication
birthday. January 11, 2007
sibling. straw-hat.org
purpose. The greatest love of my life, zomg
check-out. Him. When he launches. Which is soon.

My youngest babe, but the one I'm working on the most, and possibly the one I'm craziest about. Monkey D. Luffy is, without doubt, the greatest love of my life. He captures my attention in every form imaginable and he constantly surprises me with everything he does. I've never been as affected by a character as I am with Luffy - never. It's hard to even put into words how much I truly enjoy everything there is about him. His goals, his beliefs, his strength, his connections, just everything. I cry with Luffy and I laugh with him all at one go and I will never love another character as much as I love him.

Luffy.nu is my attempt to share that love with the rest of the internet world. I want to bring all the most up-to-date information I can to the table, explain exactly why he does what he does, and share how he is such an amazing person. It's my attempt to fix the inconsistent ways fandom fews him, demonstrate why he does what he does, and shower you with my opinions about him. Information, Media, Resources - all about Luffy. That's what this domain is for and that's why I'm so nervously taking extreme care with it.

Since this site is basically a project in itself, the only thing to really say that I'm working on is, well, it.

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