(not so) personal

Stuff that pertains to me (read: the section you clicked on accident and are now hitting the back button from). There's not much really here that's actually personal, save for the livejournal, but you know. For the curious, as they say. I'm not quite sure who "they" are, but props for the witty sayings they come up with.

Each of them has their own little blurb, though it's definitely not as spazzy detailed as the domains or projects. I'm sure you understand. And even if you don't, I'm sure you don't really care. I'm kinda talking to myself now, but it's okay. It's okay.

.44 caliber [LOVELETTER]; a fanlisting collective   tattoos on the sky; personal livejournal   TYPED LETTERS; network update journal   iconrebel; shared icon journal


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