name. Sarah
band. Senses Fail
track. "A pirate's life for me" (Rum is for drinking, not for burning)
visit. glamdreamer.com?

Sarah is amazing in every sense of the word. Her designs, her writing, her personality - all of it are just amazing. I often find myself getting swept away by the dreamy air she brings to everything she does and her excited fangirling, which of course I participate in. The Sasuke to my Naruto, she has the ability to take anything she's working with and turn it into pure gold. Amazing to talk to and amazing to follow, Rah makes my life so much brighter.

I chose Senses Fail for Rah, because they were and still are one of my favorite bands and Buddy's spastic nature when he performs reminds me quite a bit of her. In a good way, of course!






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