name. Saya
band. From Autumn to Ashes
lyric. "A lonely ghost burning down songs" (Autumn's Monologue)
visit. dokkasou.net?

Where do I start about Saya? She is literally my partner-in-crime; my plot buddy and a constant inspiration to me. Saya is the one I spaz with over angsty vampires, the one I as for advice when I'm stuck on a layout, and the one who constantly challenges me to be a better designer. She is a gentle soul, a darling and a close personal friend that am very thankful to have at my side. She's also the one that pokes me to keep me on track - part of the reason this domain is even up right now is because of her; so long as she keeps it up, I might actually turn into a productive person!

Saya is poetic to me - graphically and verbally - so From Autumn to Ashes was the perfect choice for her becomes the symbolize the delicate refinement that I've come to associate with all her works. Just visit any of her sites; you'll see what I mean.





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