name. Shalott
band. Moneen
track. "Let's start again, erase it" (Don't ever tell Locke...)
visit. nameless-way.com?

I can't begin to express how very thankful I am that Shalott is in my life. She is the white to my black, the Just Kaien to my NEGA-ICHIGO, and my fellow Kubo Tite stalkee. I absolutely adore her, so much so, that I proposed instantly. I am constantly impressed by everything she does and she definitely does not know the meaning of the word "quit". She can instantly brighten my day, no matter what has happened and I would be one very lost soul if I did not have her.

I chose Moneen for Shal, because they are the partner band to Alexisonfire; if two bands could be married, they would be. It was just a natural choice.







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