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Welcome, dear guest, to tragedie lyrique, the only TAFL approved fanlisting for Hino Matsuri, the amazing manga-ka behind such works as MeruPuri, Wanted, and the hugely popular, Vampire Knight. Hino has established herself in the world of manga, breaking onto the scene by leaving a huge impression - her artwork is some of the most beautiful in prouction and her stories are interesting and engaging. If you're a fan of this amazing arist and her undeniable talent, then please do consider joining! Do you need to familiarize yourself with fanlistings?

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You are currently viewing version one of tragedie lyrique, which was made by the incredibly amazing Sarah, with many many thanks. For as much as I love Zero, this is just an amazing layout, and I'm extremely grateful to her for making it. ♥ I also have to thank the lovely arashi, not only for the approval, but for also being so patient with me and the construction of this listing. It would not be here without her.