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Name Email URL Country Adoraton
A-chan website Spain All
Acceber Khoo website Singapore All
AceArtemis7 email website United States Vampire Knight, MeruPuri, Captive Heart
Aelyria website Canada All
Aeris website Italy All
AerisYunny website Spain All
Aki website Japan All
Akira K.S. email website Italy Vampire Knight
Alessandra website Brasil All
Alianora website United States All
Aljeermon website United Arab Emirates All
Alya website France All
Amanda website United States All
Andrea website Mexico All
anggie website Indonesia All
Ann email website United States All
Anna Belinová website Czech Republic All
April website Singapore All
April-Joy website United States Vampire Knight
Arashi email website United States Wanted
Asena website Germany Vampire Knight
Ashanti website Italy All
Astrid website Poland All
Atemu-mana website Malaysia Vampire Knight, Wanted, Merupuri
Aya website Spain All