"If I keep running, will I eventually catch you?"

Somehow, you've found yourself at resonance+tomorrow, a growing tribute to Uzumaki Naruto, hero-extraordinaire of the manga series by the same name. If you're like me and this loud-mouthed ninja is your sole focus of the series, then this is the place for you. Here, we appreciate anything and everything Naruto related and hope to bring you the most up-to-date information on anything pertaining to our resident Hokage-to-be.

resonance+tomorrow is very content focused, meaning we are media-free - good for your health and good for mine, because you wouldn't want any media I made and I can't deal with your rejection. In all seriousness though, please be very wary on your adventures through our pages.

We are full of unmarked spoilers, usually on every page, so please be very careful while you browse. Any angry letters about being spoiled will be responded to with a link to this page and a more-than-probable snarky reply about giant warnings.


"I'm not going to need saving ever again..."

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