Where do I even start with Night? To those who might by unfamiliar, Night is one of the main characters in the series, Zettai Kareshi, a shoujo by Watase Yuu and definitely my favorite of all her series. Zettai Kareshi is a perfect mixture of romance, comedy, and drama, and while we all know Watase specializes in that trifecta, this series, more than any other, truly captures the talent that is behind every page she draws.

This story is of Izawa Riiko, a girl who is the epitome of pathetic when it comes to love and relationships. Every boy she's ever liked has turned her down flat and her one, desperate wish is to have a boyfriend who will love her with all his heart. After being rejected yet again, she meets Namikiri Gaku, an employee of Kronos Heaven, who tells her the perfect man is waiting for her and hands her a card for an internet site. Thinking it a joke, Riiko goes through the process of customizing and ordering a "figure", not realizing how much her life is about to change.

This site is home to the approved fanlisting for Tenjo Naito (Night), which is probably why you're here in the first place. Welcome! All fans of our beloved Unit 01 are accepted and encouraged to join in support of the greatest character in Zettai Kareshi! Additionally, I must extend a very, very big thank you to Monica for allowing me the opportunity to adopt Night from her. I am so very happy to give him a continued home and only hope to live up to her expectations. Thank you!