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where are we now and where have we been

Where does one really start, when it comes to Gravitation? For many it’s the beginning of obsession; the veritable introduction to a lifestyle bent on buying several volumes of books you’ll probably only read once and indulging in the not-so-secretive lust for boy pr0n. Believe me, we’ve all been there and, as the snazzy saying goes, once you pop, you just can’t stop.

Gravitation is the story of Shindou Shuichi, a senior in high-school, who’s barely about to graduate, and his dreams of stardom. With best friend Nakano Hiroshi, guitarist and would be medical student, the two form Bad Luck - the hottest band you’ve never heard of. With Shuichi handling all the lyrics, programming and vocals and Hiroshi, basically, being the brains, the two struggle through some teen angst before eventually being scouted by Sakano of NG records.

Cue the emo.

Walking home through the park at night is dangerous for several reasons - but for Shuichi, struggling with lyrics to a new song, trouble seems to take the most obscureforms. After a fateful gust of wind blows said lyrics out of his hands, he comes face-to-face with his destiny - a seductively talented older man with a mysterious persona and a smart-mouth that can make any grown man cry tears of shame.

This is Eiri Yuki.

After verbally raping Shuichi’s lyrics and disappearing into the night, our hero is left paralyzed by his words. Despite his best effort, he can’t stop thinking about this chance encounter - Yuki literally captures his mind. In a desperate effort to escape from this funk, Shuichi decides to start dating, but like any good romantic crack-fest, fate intervenes one more time and reunites the two; by having Shuichi throw himself in front of Yuki’s car.

With a meeting like that, you know they’re meant for crazy shenanigans. But despite my overly snarky introduction, the series is really about a bond - how much can two people go through when they are truly meant for each other? How far are they willing to go? If you love someone enough, is anything possible?

Gravitation is a love story told in a completely untypical way. Crazy antics ensue in the most outrageous ways and the characters are the types that just draw you in. Before you realize how invested you are in the story, your wallet is weeping and so are you. From the anime to the manga, everything about it is a wonderful joy and anyone you talk to will say the same.

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