Alive, in triumph! and Mercutio slain!
Away to heaven, respective lenity,
And fire-eyed fury be my conduct now!
                     -Romeo Montague (III,1,1630)

O, I am fortune's fool!

Romeo is a youth of Neo Verona, born of noble lineage and son to the Grand Duke of the entire city. He lives the life one would expect of him - rich food, gala events, winged horses at his disposal - but is not satisfied with that life. He is a restless spirit who hops about on whim; one minute he is having tea, the next he's off rescuing a masked stranger from his father's own guards. Time and tide, you see.

Romeo, even while being a nobleman - and a fairly important one at that - is a man of the people. He sees their need, feels their pain, and understands their anger. In fact, he shares their frustration. Romeo is disgusted with the way his father treats the people and wants to make a change, but as he is constantly told, there is nothing he can do about this until he becomes the Grand Duke himself.

Such a standstill life is bound to make anyone restless. Spending his days in uneasy leisure, seeing suffering all around him from behind beveled walls, it's no wonder he takes to the sky to save the Red Whirlwind. When you are suffocating on stagnation, you naturally reach for the one thing that will bring rejuvenation. And when Romeo grasps this fresh, new breeze, it is in a vice like grip.


Meeting Juliet is that something that sparks his attention. His whole world seems to shift as he gazes at her, surrounded by roses and irises. Love at first sight is a powerful thing and it shakes him to his core. Romeo becomes so infatuated with Juliet that he is willing to defy even his own father in order to be with her.

Romeo is an amazing person, passionate and unyielding in his desire. He is forthright and honest, dedicated and caring. He is the type of person that has in him the power to change the world and he strives constantly to make people around him happy.

While the present situation of Neo Verona is inexcusably bleak, the future looks extremely bright with Romeo at its head.


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