akuma de sourou

Lovers cannot live under the same roof

Akuma de Sourou is the story of Edogawa Takeru and Saito Kayano, blossoming together as adults. It follows their journey of self-discovery, mutual understanding and residual attachment, all while putting them in extrordinary circumstances that make it all so captivating. Soon-to-be-siblings turned into lovers? It's an instant attention grabber and keeps us, the reader, so emotionally involved in their struggle, that we can't turn away until we see how it all ends.

Akuma de Sourou is easily one of my favorite works out there and rightly so. What was crafted here is a solid piece that tugs at all the right heart-strings. It would be a crime to ruin this series for the first-time visitor, so I would highly suggest rushing out to pick it up for yourself.

the couple

You understand, right?

The relationship between Takeru & Kayano is the most engrossing part of an already engaging series, partly because each of them is so amazingly believeable and relateable. For the situation they find themselves in, they still make it so easy to connect on whole new levels. This might be do to the fact that we literally watch them grow into each other together, but also individually, and seeing them bloom into adulthood lets us observe them on a variety of depths and degrees.

These two go from light teasing and bullying to complete and utter devotion. Takeru shows us exactly how compassionate and endearing one can be, while Kayano shows how much strength lies in a person's feelings. Through them, we come to see how two people can come to rely on one-another - support and depend on - those connections that they build. For all the misunderstandings, the fumbles, the firsts and fights, Takeru & Kayano are like a rock-solid foundation for what it means to build a strong and lasting relationship. There's is the one that constantly inspires me to keep fighting, keep hoping, keep searching and keep trying, because neither of them ever gives up on the other, despite the difficulties that surround them.

These two are truly a jewel to me, incredibly special in so many ways. I can't urge people enough to take in their interaction - appreciate their relationship - because it's truly an incredible experience.

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