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 #1ZEROES; The Turks [FFVII]  ARIA; Celes Chere [FFVI]  BALANCE & RUIN; Final Fantasy VI  ELEGY; Edward Chris Von Muir [FFIV]  FRINGE OF MADNESS; yazoo [FF:AC]  ILLUSTRATED GIRL; Relm Arrowny [FFVI]  KAIN HIGHWIND; Kain Highwind [FFIV]  KARMA: Harvey, Cecil & Kain Highwind [FFIV]  LEGENDARY GUARDIAN; Auron [FFX]  LOST DREAMS; Terra Branford [FFVI]  ORDINARY HERO; Reeve Tuesti [FFVII]  RESEMBLANCE OF FATE; cloud & sephiroth [FFVII]  THOSE WHO FIGHT FUTHER; Final Fantasy series  TWO-FACED; Edgar Roni Figaro [FFVI] 

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