01. You must use a valid email address to join. If you don't, I can't add you.

02. A website is not required, but if you do join with a site, please make sure a code is up, prior to joining; if the code is not up when I go to add you, I will simply remove the website, but you will still be added to the list.

03. I reserve the right to edit crazy names (i.e. RoMEo'S GuRL, SailormoonLOL, Steven02988492) so please keep this in mind. Nicknames are perfectly acceptable, but please be practical.

04. Comments are not necessary, but I would love to know what you think of Seiya!

05. For the codes, DO NOT DIRECT-LINK; upload to your own server. This is the only time I'll say it.

That's all! Please enjoy the rest of your stay and join!


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