What up, yo

You have stumbled upon get-fighted.net, otherwise known as the Guilt Free Network, Marie's little corner of the interweb where you are free to not give a damn. This is the mother network for all her other imcomplete projects, though she hopes to rectify that soon. Marie is not sure why she is doing an intro in the third person. But it seemed like a good idea at the time.


You might have found your way here from the Adelleda.net redirect? Y/Y. Well, as the snazzy banner indicates, what once was the Night light network has now been merged into the Guilt Free Network; more info about that can be found in the Domain section of the site. Things are still moving over, so please be patient while I scramble transfer things together.

Time to pat yourself on the back. You not only found yourself here, but you managed to survive the zaniness of the first official version of this network. If the animation didn't kill you, I was sure the color scheme would. But since you're not in a state of comatose, why not have a look around? I kinda-sorta-maybe promise to keep my snark in check. But, don't hold me to that; I have an affiniity for snark and I'm told I'm full of sass.

There is debate as to how full and what kind.


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