this be a network

Or so it would seem. Honestly, this collective has been very underappreciated for the longest time, and I'm finally getting to that point where I can rectify that. Maybe changing the name was all we really needed. Maybe it was the proverbial kick to the pants. Probably that.

In any case, this domain serves as a home for all things that I attempt to do. You'll find anime and manga sites stashed here, video game dedications planned - even works of fabrications brought on by sleep deprivation and a little too much Kubology. No, really.

Anything and everything I've had the desire to make will be housed here. Maybe even things that I couldn't think of now, but that later hit me and it all clicked. I'm not sure if that really makes sense, but I'm past that point and we can't stop now. Don't touch that remote; there's more to come after our commercial break.

Meaning: Navigation is to your right. Happy browsing of the Guilt Free Network, to you!


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