home sweet home

Get-fighted.net has it's own long and laudid story, which would surely capture your attention in a heartbeat and make you swoon in love with it. Except not really - I just felt like describing a cheesy, soap opera. There's really not much to say about this network and how it came to be; honestly the most exciting part about it is that it's actually online and up. I know that's incredibly pathetic in itself, but that's the sad truth of the matter.

However, for those that are interested in the sorrdid details and want to know, this section of the network has all the information you need to satisfy that strange itch you have behind your knee: the one that's unexplainable and mildly annoying. I've tried to make all the information as completely accurate as I could - in all honesty, I probably missed something. Then again, it's probably something only I'll realize I missed, so it really shouldn't matter.

Still wanna scratch that itch?


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