name. Blok
band. Linkin Park
lyric. "You love the things I say I'll do" (Points of authority)
visit. roronoa.nu?

Blok is the One Piece love of my life. The one I can always count on to appreciate my random squeeage of pirates, and the one who makes me laugh whenever I talk with her. She is the Zoro to my Luffy, and she instantly gets +39929 cool points because she calls me "Captain" and that makes me gooey inside. She has a really unique design style, which I personally enjoy and she surprises me with every new design she comes out with. Also, for creating a comm. just for One Piece fans, she has my gratitude forever.

I chose Linkin Park for Blokchu, because they're the band I naturally associate her with, haha. She loves them a ridiculous amount and it seemed like the natural choice.






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