name. Chibi
band. Spitalfield
track. "Sometimes circles run around you" (I love the way she said L.A.)
visit. shiroi-tsuki.net?

When I think "sweet", my mind instantly goes to Chibi. She's one of the kindest people I know, a total doll and an amazingly talented iconist & designer. Thanks to her, I successfully became readdicted to Clamp, in general, and she's one of the few wise people around who understands why Ichigo is better than Renji - and yes, I am picking a fight. I always think of her and Blokchu as part of the Zombie Penguin Combi and wow, only true One piece fans will get that. I'm very grateful to have Chibi in my life.

I chose Spitalfield for Chibi, because of their upbeat songs and the subject matter. For some reason, I love the way she said L.A. just makes me think about her. I wonder if that's weird, hmmm.






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