the rocktastic tribute




name. hello, sunshine
birthday. January 4, 2007
purpose. rock out to the original
go for. the media and approved fanlisting
visit. hello, sunshine?

Finch is the reason I listen to the music I do. They were my original rock-and-roll loves, not only as performers, but as people too. They transformed the way music was played and set the foundation for the current bands of present to make a name for themselves. Considered the first widely popular rock band, Finch brought to the music industry what few other bands have been able to and accomplished a level of musicality that still impacts music today; all while remaining completely faithful to themsevles and their own style.

From the moment I heard their first track, I was hooked. And even while they are on an "indefinite hiatus", they still remain one of my most beloved bands, and just life experiences in general. I'm so ridiculously thankful that I had the oppurtunity to experience their music, which opened the gate to many other things for me. I had planned quite a few things for this tribute - mostly media focused - and only part of it is up, so there is still lots to look forward to.

I'm also head-over-heels in love with Allie for allowing me to adopt the TFL approved fanlisting for them.



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