projects are forever

There are more projects than completed productions. What does that say about me? Actually, please don't answer that. These are the things that are now constantly consuming my time, with get-fighted.net finally complete. Ones with their own page are projects that I'm dead set on doing - they will be completed in some shape and form. Projects from other domains (straw-hat.org and zero-kiriyuu.net) are and/or will be listed at their respective networks. Pictures listed below the "big ones" are projects that I'm thinking about doing and/or would like to do at some point in time, but have not started on. It's a complicated system.

I'll be honest: I have lots of plans. It's really all about time and effeciency on my part at this point. Poking and prodding never hurts; if it escalates to shanking, I'll have to draw the line.

NO SHAKING THRONE; kurosaki ichigo   resonance+TOMORROW; uzumaki naruto   UNTITLED; tenoh haruka/sailor uranus   Acoustic DECAY; honjou ren   tear the moon; remus j. lupin


LOCKE COLE; final fantasy vi (REVAMP)   SABIN FIGARO; final fantasy vi   ROMEO CANDOREBANTO MONTAGUE; romeo x juliet
SHINICHI CHIAKI; nodame cantabile   NODAME & CHIAKI; nodame cantabile   VAAN; final fantasy xii
ODAGIRI AZUSA; hot gimmick   KOU SEIYA/SAILOR STAR FIGHTER; bishoujo senshi sailor moon


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