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name. Marie
number. twenty-one
quote. "I have 37 different zombie plans."
random. has an extreme dislike of cheese
love. Fan of me?

There's honestly not that much to say about me and I kinda hate writing a page about myself. I mean, I'm pretty full of myself, but even I have a little modesty. Basically, I am an animanga whore, who has been enraptured by Japan since the age of 10 and been designing for near 7 years. I have Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon to thank for my current addiction, since that's what started my little venture into a different culture. And I have One Piece to thank for my wallet always weeping into long hours of the night.

I'm slightly obsessed with pirates and vampires. I'm also fairly certain that I could survive a zombie infestation. But should one ever occur and I am infected, I'm pretty sure I'd be a kick-ass zombie anyway. If not obvious, Movies are a great passion of mine, and my current employer is a major movie chain. It's like a match made in heaven and I enjoy everyday of work more than the next. As a college student, my major is Music Performance, the concentration being on French Horn. It is my ultimate passion in life and I've spent more on my horn than myself.

I've been told, on several occasions, that I'm a giant bucket of sass - this may or may not be true. English is a personal hobby of mine, and I despise sticky caps like there's no tomorrow. An avid gamer and general nuisance, most of my time is spent creating and mainting fanlistings, and spamming people on Livejournal. It is the simple things in life that bring us joy. Like holding entire conversations in movie quotes.

A double negative has led to proof positive. I'm afraid you gave yourself away.


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