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Common answers to non-asked questions. Actually, a few have been asked, so that's a lie. But most haven't been. You get the point. I'll update this as and/or if I get questions. I don't really expect that many, since...well, I'm pretty straightforward. But please check here before using the contact page anyway.

Get-fighted is a weird domain name. What is it?
Weird, you say? I prefer the term "poetic". I wish I could say I was original and thought the name up all on my lonesome, but due credit must be given to Alexisonfire who wrote the song. Get Fighted is track 10 on their first CD, which was self-titled. Arguably, my favorite song of their's.

Why do you talk so much!
I feel the need to fill up space and I hate The Awkward Silence, even on my own domain.

This ______ is awesometastic. Can I take/use/copy it?
I appreciate the sentiment, but alas, I must say, "No." For as long as it took me to write/design some of this, I better not see it recreated in the least or I might go postal on someone. And yeah, you know someone's serious when they make a reference to a angry mail man.

Will you host me?
Unfortunately, no. But I can point you to several places that will.

Are you the Marie from _______ ?
More than likely? No. Especially if the person you're referring to is awesome beyond all reason. Then it's definitely not me. But if you're super curious, check the board profile if it's a board and you should be able to tell right away. I have Grandline listed as my location everywhere. Or you are free to ask, that too.

How'd you do this? ________.
How did I do that, indeed. For questions like this, I would much prefer a contact form with actual details - I promise to read it, but I only half-guarantee it will be responded to. I'm usually pretty good about stuff like that though, and I'm willing to answer any questions that are within my ability to answer.

You didn't answer my question.
Send in a contact form, jeeze. Snippy.


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