ye olde history

Get-fighted.net is my newest domain, and yet, my second oldest. In effect, it is the reborn version of adelleda.net and was purchased in a fit of hysteria. Ah, but I digress.

Adelleda.net was purchased in 2004 to serve as my personal domain and sanctuary. We were hosted with Cyperpixels (who I refuse to link to) for the longest time, and let me be frank when I say, we had our ups-and-downs. Way downs. As in, below-the-crust-of-the-Earth-and-penetrating-into-the-other-side-o-the-planet downs. For as much as I love that name and what it was based on, I have never been more frustrated owning a domain. And yet, I am a glutton for punishment, and kept at it for 3 years, until I was finally forced to look at just how deep our "relationship" had fallen.

In May 2007, Cyberpixels forgot to send in a renewal payment for adelleda.net's registration and the domain went down. Completely frantic, I phoned, emailed, and harrassed until I was told that there was nothing they could do - the domain name was gone. Fearing the worst and foolishly believing them, I purchased get-fighted.net through Godaddy.com and hosted it with my already existing Dreamhost account. Thus, the birth of the Guilt Free Network was one of angst and drama out the wazoo.

Adelleda.net is still technically up - though a redirect, but it won't be for long and nothing is on it. For as much as I loved and enjoy that domain, I felt it was necessary to make a complete break with that part of my life, and that hosting company. And an entire rename (to my favorite song by my favorite English-speaking band) seems to be exactly what I needed.

Boring, right? I told you it would be.


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